Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest in Latin America. From the world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to the magnificent summits of Corcovado (who can forget the Christ the Redeemer statue?) and Sugarloaf, Rio combines natural attractions with a sprawling metropolis. This is a party city and one that you really can’t miss if you love a good time. Most people spend their days on the beach and their nights dancing at the clubs. Rio is getting its act together and becoming much safer and easy to get around but with the 2016 Olympics and recent developments, the city has become very expensive. This travel guide can help you plan better and keep your costs low.

What do most guy groups bond on? Women and football. Brazil is the ultimate destination that ticks off both those checkboxes, and if it’s the capital city of Rio de Janeiro everything multiplies manifold in terms of the fun quotient. Everywhere you go, you’ll be welcomed with football and tanned nubile beauties. You just can’t ask for more on a guys trip. By the way, there’s also the world renowned Rio Carnival that happens in February for you to check out.Must do while here: Marvel at the Christ The Redeemer statue. Play football with the local kids, they’re always welcoming. Ocean, golden sand, rocks, skyscrapers, spectacular favela, parties, carnivals, Sambo – all bright and infinitely beautiful Rio.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer

At the mention of Rio de Janeiro Almost everyone comes to mind the image of the statue of Christ, spread out his hands to the 700-meter summit of Mount Corcovado. It is a symbol not only of the city but also the entire country. A stay in Rio and not go up to the statue of Christ – it means not to see the city in all its splendor. Only with the foot of the monument offers a unique panoramic view of Rio. By the observation deck you will take a miniature train through the open windows of which the same can enjoy nature Tijuca National Park.

The famous Copacabana

Copacabana – the legendary 4-kilometer-long sandy beach in Rio de Janeiro. He is considered one of the most rave places in the city: every day there are going to thousands of people who are sunbathing, playing football, walking, drinking cocktails and dancing in the local bars. There is a legend that is associated with Copacabana worldwide love for bikini: in 1948, the three girls walked along the beach in the separate bathing suits, which caused wild delight of the local audience.

Brazilian Carnival

The annual Brazilian carnival – is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, enchanting and noisy festivals in the world, who dream to get millions of people. It is said that in Brazil live from carnival to carnival. And it’s true: the people are preparing for it for a year, unbelievable sewing costumes, movements and hone Sambo write new music. And now comes the hot February day, when Rio de Janeiro 4 days and 4 nights turned into the grand stage on the planet. Seeing such a spectacle once, you will not forget it ever!

Sugarloaf Mountain

Rio de Janeiro – a city to which you want to watch from above. One of the main viewing platforms is the highest town of the rock called “Sugar Loaf”. From there, the whole of Rio seems at a glance. You can get there by a comfortable cable car glass – in one of those filmed the scene of the famous saga about 007. We advise to rise at sunset: view from the top, as the city slowly envelops the night blanket, playing with all the colors of the sky – this indescribable and extraordinary!

Lost streets of Santa Teresa

District of Santa Teresa has a reputation as the most peaceful and bohemian places of the city. Narrow winding streets, decorated with street art, art workshops, colonial-era buildings, cobblestone sidewalks – the best place for a romantic walk! In the evening, the local bars are filled with interesting public, quarter comes alive and turns into the Brazilian Montmartre.

Impressive favela – slum

Rio de Janeiro – a city of amazing contrasts. Next to the colorful carnival and the city are rave the favela – a pretty impressive size gray blocks in which lives the poor (a fifth of Rio). In spite of its unsightly appearance, and quite a criminal environment, this place will feel the atmosphere of the city of God. It is best to visit the favela with a guide from the local population – it is safe, and visually impressive. Besides delicious street food here is much cheaper than in the Rio.

Football in the Maracanã Stadium

The national sport in Brazil – is, of course, football. This is where you can feel unreal energy and get an unforgettable experience, so it is on the famous stadium “Maracana”. Plaschadka considered one of the biggest in the world. During a football match stadium turns into a real hell, in which the Brazilian character reveals itself in all its emotionality . If you do not get to the game, do not worry: you can visit the stadium and on a normal day. Well, if you can walk under it stands, visit the museum, souvenir shops, or even play a game of soccer with the other visitors.
It is worth noting that the ” Maracana” will be the main object of XXXI Summer Olympic Games – 2016. It will host the opening and closing, as well as the final match of the Olympic football tournament.

Local Churrascaria

So called Brazilian eateries serving tasty meat on the coals shurasko. on the principle of “you-can-eat” At the core of their menu. In simple words, churrascaria – a room where you do not pay for every single meal, and for the overall weight of the food. Anything that will get to the plate, be it meat, side dish or snack, it is worth the price of one. This Brazilian holiday of the stomach!

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